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In our common and military service period of many years we discovered our interest in military history. We decided therefore to hurl ourselves more frequently in the year into expenses and detect primarily the battlegrounds of the western front as hobby historians.

Our small excursions are lying primarily in the area Verdun and in the Argonne forest, but our attendance goes also to the remaining western front – Somme, Champagne and Vosges. Meanwhile we spent a lot of days per year on the battlefields and offered our experience to the DEA – Deutsches Erinnerungskomitee Argonnerwald 1914 – 1918 for their archeological researchs.


Michael P.

Michael Prisille, class 1973

Residence: closed to the Ruhr region, North Rhine Westphalia

Interests: literature, photos, Positions, units, monuments and cemeteries from the great war

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Oliver Scheer, class 1974

Residence: Recklinghausen

Interests: military equipment, soldier everyday life, fightings, diaries and letters

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