The battle on the wings

The German offensive did not achieve the expected result on the right bank of the Meuse. The Germans turn into combining their operations on both banks. On March 06, the german troops in seize of two divisions, 12th and 22nd Reserve infantry division, attack from Béthincourt to Forges, where the French front is held of the 67th Infantry division. It succeed them to take the village Forges, then however come it at the positions of the Cote de l’Oie to standing.

On March 07, the Germans take to the Cote de l Oie and the Bois des Corbeaux. It comes to combat in front of the village Cumières, which remains in the hand of the Frenchmen. West the German attacks before the height Mort Homme continue to fail. On March 08, the Germans, while the French troops on the left bank back-conquer the Cote de l’Oie, set on the right bank parts of 5 different army corps into to a general attack, which fails under large losses; they can only occupy the village Vaux.

On March 09, the Germans seizetheir foot on the slopes of the dead man, during to same time at the other end of the Verdun front try to storm Fort Vaux. On March 10, the Germans succeed in taking the Bois de Corbeaux. The French line is taken back on Béthincourt, Mort Homme, southern brink of Cote de l Oie and the Cumières-Forest. The fight in the village and in front of Fort Vaux persists away. The Frenchmen can still hold their positions. The German troops stop their large-scale attacks.

 From March 11, to April 9, the attacks got followed on broad front of a row temporally and spatially limited mission. On March 14, the 12th Reserve infantry  division occupies the height 265, the western height of the Mort Homme, it does not succeed to take however the eastern part. On March 20, the forests of Avocourt and Malancourt fall into the hands of bavarian units. After persistent fight german troops take the village Malancourt on March 31; on April 8 Béthincourt is taken. On the right bank the Germans, after strong efforts around away Vaux, reach the Cailette forest and the railway line Vaux – Fleury.

On 09 April at noon the Germans attack on both banks; on the left bank 5 divisions proceed to storm, however everywhere fail with exception of the Mort Homme, where the Germans settle on the northeast slopes. On the right bank the storm goes against the Cote du Poivre, which remains however in the hand of the Frenchmen.

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