The attrition battle

In May the Germans strengthen their operations on the left bank, where the height Mort Homme stands to them in the way. Expanding their front to the west, they attack the height 304, a firm base and valuable observation post. On May 23, occupied by the Germans, this height is again taken on the following day by the Frenchmen. One month of bloody fights brings in only the profit of the summit of the Mort Homme and the north slopes of the height 304 for the Germans.

In order to relieve the left bank, the 5th French infantry division on the right bank attacks toward Douaumont on May 22. Only the attack in the center succeeds, but the Germans offer in the internal Forts resistance; their numerous reserves, under it the 1st bavarian army corps, throw the aggressors on May 24, again from the away. The fight continues without stop. The Germans, which worrys the preparations to the French -English offensive to the Somme, want to bring the operations in Verdun to an end.

The Germans, which stormed in April the village Vaux, turn now under employment of all forces against the Fort. On June 02, they achieve the upper plants, the garrison arise 5 days later. At the same time they proceed from Douaumont against the fortress Froideterre. On June 09 June the Thiaumont ferme was taken by the Germans, but the fortress Thiaumont  withstands the attacks.

On the left bank, the Germans resume their attacks. On May 31, they reach the Mort Homme going around the station Chattancourt, a counter attack throw them to Cumières back. The German succeeds in occupying the height 304, however the south slopes remain in the hands of the Frenchmen. The Germans are still far from the fortress Bourrus-Forest, the last bar in front of Verdun. According to that on the right bank where they are in the possession of Douaumont and Vaux, they try to advance to the Fort Souville and to get view to the hollow of Verdun.

On June 23, 70,000 men assault on the frontline Thiaumont-Fleury-Vaux. The fortress Thiaumont is taken, the attack waves advances up to Froideterre, but a counter attack cleans the plateau up to Thiaumont. In the center of the attack, the troops storm at Fleury, but fail in front of Fort Souville.
On July 11, the Germans shorten their attack front on the line Fleury-Damloup. They use 40,000 men to storm. Storming west of Fleury, they arrive up to Fort Souville and got back-thrown there. Despite all partial successes the Germans did not achieve their goal. Now the French English Somme offensive takes all reinforcements up.

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