Chronology of the battle as listed timeline


In September 1914 the German front at Verdun got frozen, as a result of the Battle of the Marne


On the flanks of the salient of Verdun, in Vauquois and Les Esparges   strong fighting took place in the form of mine warfare.


The Germans attack preparations starts.




The deployment of 1,200 German guns and six army corps in the area north of Verdun is mostly completed.


12th:   Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the attack is repeatedly postponed.

21st: Offensive beginning of the 5th Army with a nine-hour bombardment and the first attack east of the Meuse.

25th: After the first and second French line were taken in the days before, parts of Brandenburg Infantry Regiment IR 24 manage the conquest of the main forteresse of Verdun “Douaumont” in a coup.

The second Army under General Petain takes over the defense of Verdun.


02nd: The village Douaumont was conquered first time by german forces.

04th: The village Douaumont be firmly in German hands.

06th: The offensive on the western bank of the Meuse to the height of Morthomme and height 304 begins.


09th: On both sides of the Meuse major offensives without much success.

30th: General Nivelle takes over 2nd Army, General Petain, the Army Group Centre.




08th: An ammunition explosion kills 679 german soldiers in Fort Douaumont.

20th: The Germans attack and occupy the height 295 (Morthomme).

22nd: The French counterattack Fort Douaumont.


07th: Fort Vaux surrendered after days of fighting

21st – 23rd

The village Fleury und Ouvrage Thiaumont got conquered. The forteresse “Kalte Erde” got lost again.


01st: The british/french attack at the Somme starts.

11th – 12th

As part of the last major German attack, they pushed forward to Fort Souville, which is not captured.


15th – 18th:

East of the Meuse the attacks struggles back and forth, the village of Fleury remains after a stubborn fight finally in French hands.

28th/29th: General Ludendorff und General Hindenburg take over the high command OHL after the retreat of Falkenhayns .


02nd: Ludendorff stopp the attack to Verdun.

04th: Many french soldiers died in an explosion in the railway tunnel of Tavannes.


24th: Fort Douaumont get reoccupied by the French after the Germans left it, same for Fort Vaux a couple of days later.


15th: The Germans are driven back by the major French attack. They are now at the height of their starting positions of February.

Petain announce „The end of the battle of Verdun”.




20th – 22nd: Die Franzosen reconquer the “Morthomme” and reoccupy the height 304 after the german retreat.




12th – 14th: The Americans start their first own attack at the salient of St. Mihiel.

26th: The US forces starts the Meuse/Argonne attack.


11th: Armistice that ended the fighting of the “Great War” after 4 years.


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