The height 304


The height of 304 attaches directly west to the dead man and was likewise a favourable observation post for the artillery. Likewise heavy contests show themselves still today the old position systems.

The height 304 was the highest point on the left bank of the Maas and gave excellent possibilities for surveillance and as position for artillery. A path which seperate the lots 221 and 222, direct to the first german line. But it is difficult to recognize these.


Center map


Mort Homme


The name Dead Man is standing for one of the most violently contested heights at the western bank. One still finds numerous trenches and shelters in this with funnels and craters covered area. This height, which was suitable outstanding as point of observation and position of the artillery, was scene of long and hard fights over a few months in dirt and mud in poor funnel positions.

Follow the trail at the parking place, after a few hundred meters you will find on the left side a remaked trench with explanation boards.