Ouverage de Froideterre


This fortress work lies somewhat faraway in the western range of the battleground. It was build to reinforce the infantry. The French built the fortress with one gun turret and two machine gun turrets. The fortress was conquered only briefly by the Germans, can be committed partly also from the inside.


Center map


The Memorial of Verdun


The place, where once the village Fleury with farmyards, houses and chapel existed, shows today still traces of the embittered fights which took place there. Several times the place changed the owner in shortest time. After the war, by being formally pulverized, it was not more rebuild and divides his fate with eight further villages. Where in former times the railstation of Fleury stood, stands today the Memorial, memorial place and museum in once. The memorial is a good introduction for the battle of Verdun.

The museum is has two levels: the upper gallery includes large window displays of uniforms, weapons, photographs, pictures and civilian and military objects; the lower gallery is based around themes. The galleries are built around a large reconstruction of a battle field trench.   On the central wall, the battle is described with the help of animated maps, archive films and a commentary in six languages (French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).

The film In the soldier’s footsteps is projected with multilingual subtitles. It shows the terrible conditions of the soldier’s lives in the two camps on the battle field of Verdun. Through the images, their physical suffering (mud, thirst, gas attacks, deafening noise, wounds, fleas) is presented along with their emotional suffering (solitude and visions of death, not only of fallen soldiers and of the self, but also of the death threatening everyone); so many common enemies to the soldiers who, through the months became comrades in suffering.


Opening hours:

The memorial is closed due to a complete renovation. The reopening is planed for November 2015.

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Fort Vaux


The Fort Vaux, a similar fortress work as Douaumont, only far smaller can be visited just as from the inside. It captivates likewise by its history, there took place terrible fights in the close lugs for the rule of the Forts.

Opening hours:
February 01 -March 31 / 10 – 12 am and 01- 05 pm
April 01 – August 31 / 09 am – 06 pm
September 01 – October 31 / 09 – 12 am and 01 – 05.30 pm
November 01 – December 23 / 01 – 05 pm

Out of hours the fort is closed.



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