Then and today

One year ago Europe was remembering the 100th Anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. This event was everywhere in the public remembrance and in the media.
A look at our European neighbors, however shows, how different the culture of remembrance, such as for the Battle of Verdun or Battle of the Somme, is. While in France Verdun is the symbol for “La Grande Guerre ” and is deeply in the collective awareness, the First World War is covered in Germany continues by the shadows of the memory of the Second World War.
With our project here, now established for more than 10 years, we want to enable a wide audience of interested people, students, teachers and many other people a comprehensive, multi-layered look at something difficult to imagine today: a battle of the Great War. We also want to point out some historically interesting places, which are often just a few steps off the tourist paths and give you some hints for your next battlefield walk or tour.
The numerous cemeteries report as an open book about the world wars of the 20th Century. They remind us not to forget hatred and tyrannies of the past. Today they stand for reconciliation and peace in Europe.

The Battle of Verdun is an example of the futility of material battles of the First World War. The locations and remnants of their occurrence remind us every day again not to commit similar mistakes again.








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